Thursday, 10 March 2011

Facebook and reflection

I do have a Facebook account, but following on from my last post I do find I have so much information to sift through on a day to day basis, I'm reticent to spend more time on social networking.  We do try and post information to the Learning Grid's account but with varying success.  I think with all these tools it is useful to persist with them as we need to be using all our means to communicate with our target audience and as apparently it takes 14 times of doing something before it becomes a habit.  I'm still at the "frustration" stage but am looking forward to when it becomes 2nd nature.
I have been meaning to get a Twitter account so am pleased that 23 things has encouraged me to do so.  I wish the programme had not been launched in the busiest term for the TG and LG especially as it was not planned for in AR objectives.  It does seem a lot of work, even if it's a worthy cause.

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